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Kickstart The New Year with a Happy Team!

How do you feel about KPIs and end of year evaluations? What about those post-holiday blues you get when you’re back to the office after a spectacular Christmas and New Year break? Your employees need the motivation to refresh their mindset and have a fresh start to the new year; one which encourages them to increase their individual contributions and look forward to a productive year ahead.

Team Building Thailand 

Why Team Building is important to kickstart your new year?

It’s very important to plan an offsite meeting at the beginning of every year to align your employees with your company’s objectives, communicate the way forward and refresh their mindsets while incorporating Team Building activities and games to build a purposeful team culture within your organization.

When you start the year with a kickoff meeting, you’re setting the tone for the entire year ahead! By communicating your company’s objectives and show transparency, you establish your team’s trust and empower them to contribute towards your organization’s objectives. You’re also aligning their individual efforts with your overall vision.

Moreover, by encouraging all team members to interact with each other, you’re not only boosting morale, you’d be instantly improving internal communication and encourage teamwork while creating a sense of belonging, especially for new comers.

Team building activities and games that are philanthropic in nature are growing more popular every year. Which makes sense since service to others is a major component of the culture in most businesses. This is why our CSR and charitable team building programs are our most popular today. One of our favorite examples is our very popular ‘Build a Playground’ program, where employees are coached by an experienced project manager to build a playground with a permanent play structure and safety enhancements. Imagine the pride of seeing the happiness you created for those kids!

Kickstart the new year with a highly connected team filled with motivation and a great sense of direction by planning your annual kickoff meeting today!

Would you like to create similar great experiences for your employees and ensure that your team starts the new year on the right foot? We’re here for you!

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