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3 Great Ways to Bring Corporate Social Responsibility Into Your Event

Companies all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility; it’s become a fundamental strategic priority due to its impact on retaining both, employees and consumers. In fact, even the most famous business leaders in the world are philanthropists by passion, either signing The Giving Pledge or starting up their own philanthropic foundations; there’s no doubt that a well-communicated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a must-have in every organisation today.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

With this in mind, your company events, which are meant to be highly engaging, should also include a demonstration (and even participation) of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. That’s why we’re bringing you these great ways to engage your attendees with your CSR initiatives…

The Gift of Giving

How much do your corporate gifts cost you? Chances are that they cost you more than it costs to feed a person in need; and where does that gift go? Chances are that it won’t be valued as much as you’d like it to be. Imagine the respect that your company will get when its attendees receive and thank you card after registering, informing them that your gift to them is a donation made on their behalf.

A global Corporate Social Responsibility study by Cone Communications showed that 81% of millennials would make personal sacrifices for social and environmental causes. There’s no doubt that these 81% will appreciate a donation a lot more than a plastic USB, or a branded mug.

Start a Charity Fundraiser for your cause 

Is your CSR initiative all about the environment and its sustainability?

Or maybe you’re highly passionate about ending hunger in the world. Regardless of your cause, you can always use your events to raise awareness about its impact on your community and the importance of contributing towards it.

The best thing about Charity Fundraisers is the immediate gratification and the quantifiable results that you can generate on the spot. By raising awareness and encouraging people to help make a difference to your community, both you and your attendees can feel the pride of being true philanthropists for a day. Imagine the pride of announcing the results of your fundraiser at the end of the event!

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Philanthropic Team Building Activities

If your event is a long one, you’ll need to fit in some engaging activities on your agenda. One of the best ways to guarantee that your audience is engaged at your event is to organize an ice-breaking team building activity that keeps them focused.

At, we invite you to take these activities to the next level by designing them to be philanthropic. Get inspired by exploring our CSR and Charitable Team Building Activities and programs today!

Remember, building empathy and collaborating on charitable projects can offer your team members valuable business lessons and help create a strong corporate culture. Make philanthropy a way of life for your team. Contact us today and we’ll help you to start planning for your next event.