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Amazing Race Team Building Programs in Bangkok

Every organisation incorporates several team building activities to keep each of the members on the same page. One can definitely throw the team building ideas out of the window if, the team finds those simple and uninteresting activities dumb and boring. As, team building ideas are not only supposed to be educative but, enjoyable there has to be a package of fun, education, working and problem-solving. This drives the whole team together towards a common goal.

Amazing Race Bangkok

There come these amazing race team building programs with challenging activities that take place in renowned historical sites, landmarks and places of interest in Bangkok, Thailand. Get your team together for this thrilling experience that requires them to work in coordination.

Introduce the Amazing Race Bangkok Challenge to Get the Team Going

It is important to have an experience that delivers takeaway in the most exciting way. The specially designed race for team building comes with decisions and obstacle challenges as the participant’s race around the city. The game enfolds challenging twists with teams going from one location to another to solve clues and navigate their way. It involves crucial decisions on the best and quickest route in the quest to make it to the winning point. This way the teams then, work together to perform a variety of different activities or tasks on the route.

Amazing Race Bangkok

The whole idea of this game is to put them through a test on teamwork, problem-solving, communication and decision making. Small little things like finding the clues to deciding the commute and sticking to one plan force them to work with the whole team while considering each suggestion.

We are There Throughout This Experience

Our team meets your teams at the beginning of the race at a convenient spot to instruct on the route’s details and safety concerns. Our team will let you explore the finest spots around the city during this experience.

Amazing Race

Yes, it is a perfect combination of adventure and learning. Get the best out of each member as they play a major role in getting their teams to the finishing point. Contact us online now and start planning for your amazing race Bangkok team building.