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Corporate Team Bonding Activities, Games & Ideas in Singapore

We love the new year! It brings along new resolutions, beginning and hope for a more successful tomorrow; and a brand new year calls for a more motivated team with great teamwork spirits! Here, we’ll share some great ideas on how we can help you set your team up for success through our team building activities:

Corporate Team Bonding Singapore

Fun Experiences = Unforgettable Experiences

The real success of a team building activity is measured by how much of the positive impact is transferred onto to your daily office environment.

At, our recipe for an unforgettable team building experience is FUN! That’s why we always incorporate fun games into our team building exercises as we tactfully encourage teams to collaborate, communicate and even innovate! By creating fun memories, we ensure that teams take on the valuable lessons learned in their daily work lives.

Team Building Games Singapore

A great example would be our Picasso Factor team building activity; where teams create an artistic masterpiece to show how collaboration produces beautiful results. After the exercise is complete, the team takes the masterpiece and hangs it in their office as a beautiful reminder of how great things can happen when people work together.

Spark the fire!

Starting the new year with a competitive team building game will help you set the tone for a productive year. Ignite your team’s motivation and competitive skills with some competitive team building activities that recognize leadership skills and encourage collaborative teamwork.

Team Building Ideas Singapore

Our most popular examples include The Amazing Race, Corporate Olympics, and more. We love witnessing the mindset shifts caused by our games and exercises!

Whether you’re in Singapore or would like to experience the beauty of Thailand, our team building activities are only a phone call away. We customize and tailor our programs to suit your requirements.
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