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Looking to liven up and boost your team’s morale? Here’s our solution to your problem! The Bike Shop is one of our most sought-after team building activities due to its rewarding corporate social responsibility aspect.

The Bike Shop

Why is it important to add CSR to your team building events?

 Nothing  adds  a  sense  of  purpose  and  belonging  to  your  team  like  CSR.  It  fuels  individual  team  members  and  motivates  them  to  collaborate  as  they  all  give  back  to  the  community  together!    The  Bike  Shop  is  a  truly  heartwarming  team  building  experience  that  empowers  your  team  members  and  gives  them  a  sense  of  unity  and  belonging,  regardless  of  their  roles  or  nationality. 


The Bike Shop is a highly interactive team building activity where your team is tasked with a series of fun and energetic challenges, each earning them a piece of a bike. It’s an adventurous team building event with a fusion of collaborative thinking, problem solving, with interactive challenges and a race against time! 
 And now the heart-warming finale! Your team will be surprised to be given the task of donating their team bike to the local children’s home; an emotional encounter that fills your heart with a sense of achievement and purpose. You really can’t help smiling … and sometimes even shed a tear! 


And  now  the  heart-warming  finale!  Your  team  will  be  surprised  tobe  given  the  task  of  donating  their  team  bike  to  the  local  children’s  home;  an  emotional  encounter  that  fills  your  heart  with  a  senseofachievement  and  purpose.  You  really  can’t  help  smiling  …  and  sometimes  even  shed  a  tear! 


All  you  need  to  do  is  tell  us  what  your  needs  are,  and  we’ll  take  care  of  the  rest!  The  Bike  Shop CSR  team  building  activity  is  ideal  for  team  up  to  500  members  and  can  flexibly  last  up  to  4  hours.  We  tailor  the  entire  experience  to  your  needs  and  expectations.  
Ideal Group Size 10 - 1000
Space Required Indoor conference room or Outdoors park or garden
Ideal Duration Half Day 3 – 4 Hrs
Benefits & Outcomes CSR, Teamwork, Leadership, Idea Sharing, Strategy, communication,FUN, Interaction, Time Management.
Don’t  miss  your  chance  to  give  your  team  one  of  the  most  memorable  team  building  events  ever!  Call  us or  fill  in  the  form  below.  We’ll  cater  to  you  wherever  you  are  in  Thailand!