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4 Great Team Building Games & Activities for Christmas Season

It’s the season of social gatherings and gratitude. Christmas decorations are all around and the homey smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice are beginning to fill the air. Everyone loves Christmas! That’s why it’s the best season to raise the spirits in your office and boost employee morale.

So we came up with these Christmas themed team building games and activities to inspire you to spread the joy and ensure that each one of your team members has a Merry Christmas season filled with happy memories.

#1. Office Decorating

We all love receiving Christmas greetings and seeing Christmas decorations all around us – there’s something about those colorful lights and shiny ornaments that just immediately switch on the Christmas spirit! But nothing feels as homey as placing those decorations up yourself.

Team Building

Start the holiday season by involving your team in decorating your office for Christmas! It’s a personal experience that brings a lot of joy and a sense of pride inside every team member. The immediate gratification brought by placing those lights and ornament is guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces.

#2. Secret Santa with a themed treasure hunt

Secret Santa is one of the most common Christmas-themed team building activities in the world. Many would agree that Secret Santa is one of the best ways to bring some laughter and create great memories in the office.

Secret Santa

Double the fun by adding a team building game to the traditional activity. Ask each team member to hide their gift somewhere in the office and place a clue to find the gift with a Christmas greeting under the Christmas tree! When it’s time to open the gifts, each team member will pick up an envelope with their name and read the contents of the Christmas greeting along with the clue to find their gift.

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#3. Unleash Your Team’s Creativity by creating a Short Film

Team Building on Christmas

Every team member has something to say, and maybe even a story to tell. If you have a creative team, this team building game will blow their minds! Give them a Christmas theme and ask them to create video scenes relevant to it; then compile the videos and display them in a company event.

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Let us help you develop the theme, specific story lines, or even recreate a famous movie scene, all in a short film format.

#4. Give back to the community

Give back to the communityFinally, no Christmas holiday is complete without the spirit of giving. Add a sense of purpose to your office environment by giving your employees an opportunity to give back to your community.

Pick a community initiative and volunteer, as a team, to help people in need. Need some inspiration?

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Merry Christmas everyone!