have experience in servicing Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos.


Inspiring, Engaging & Motivating Team Building Programs In Thailand!

Welcome To!

We are an enthusiastic, small team of expert trainers and communicators from Australia and Thailand that decided to put their passion for people and team development into practice by creating

The team is lead by Frankie Grojnowski. Originally from Sydney, Australia, and currently living in Bangkok.

Frankie has been running team building events globally since 2002 and has been invited to facilitate extensively throughout Asia due to his cultural knowledge of the region and success in building strong relationships within teams.

We are committed to making your meeting, conference, or corporate event in Thailand productive, enjoyable, and impactful, – with carefully planned team building sessions, custom-tailored to your company values and your event goals.

Offering You An Experience To Remember!

With global experience and local knowledge, professionalism, and great attention to detail, we plan a wide range of indoor and outdoor fun activities that will create stronger bonds among your guests, making your team more powerful and turbocharging their performance.

We work with integrity and respect for your company’s needs, and our warm, friendly specialists will make you feel at home throughout your stay in wonderful Thailand.

Our interactive team building solutions include Conference & Gala Dinners, Icebreaker sessions, morale-boosting Out and About, and CSR-focused events that will make once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your teams.

Please contact one of our team for a tailored solution to ensure a great result for your team experience.