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The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities in Bangkok

A team that functions together is more successful, more productive and more effective and also most importantly happier and enjoyable to work with. It is challenging to see team building in the workplace. Generally, team building activities are organized to bring more attachment and coordination among teammates instead of just plain high-fives.

Here in this blog, let us discuss 10 awesome team building activities in Bangkok.

1. Amazing Race:


amazing race

It is a customizable team building activity that can be performed for a full day or half-day. It is suitable for a team with ten to one thousand members. It can be customized as per company values and event goals.

2. Masterchef:


Master Chef

It is an excellent team-building activity where the team members are asked to prepare a set of customary Thai dishes within a particular time frame. The professional judges will select and announce the winning team.

3. Corporate Survivor challenge:


Corporate Survivor

It consists of several problem solving and physical challenges showing the most challenging employees.

4. Human Rhythms:


Human Rhythm

It is a different kind of teamwork that can be applied in your working environment. It offers a dynamic and high energy team experience and also signifies the prominence of teamwork as members develop to the rhythmic orchestra.

5. Bike Factory:


Bike Factory

The team will be taken through several energetic and fun challenges where the winning team gets a bike. The bike will be donated to a children’s home in the local region.

6. Artworks:


Art Works

This is not a competition but a collaborative team-building activity that shows personality styles and distinguishes the artistic, creative and innovative talents in your team.

7. Island Treasure Hunt:


Island Treasure Hunt

This activity mainly focuses on problem-solving and strategy. Island treasure hunt consists of a collection of scavenger hunts and interactive puzzles to improve teamwork.

8. Traditional Thai Activities:


Traditional Thai

Some of the popular Thai activities organized for team building Bangkok are Muay Thai, fruit carving, Thai dancing, Loi Krathong and Thai massage.

9. Beach Olympics:


Beach Olympics

Each team will be assigned a particular color and a set of physically challenging and fun team building activities will be organized as per their fitness levels. It is suitable for a team of about twenty to six hundred members.

10. Toy Factory:


Toy Factory

It is a three to four hours of team building activity that can be organized in any outdoor or indoor venue. The team members have to join and work to produce innovative toys, which will be distributed to children who are in need.

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