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Four Reasons Why You Should Attend Your Company’s Events?

Our team recently returned from our ‘Sales Kick off” national event. We returned refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated! I know, I know… three R words in a row. On the cheesy side, but I wanted to get the cheap chuckle. However, not everyone on our team attended. The folks who didn’t make it was trying everything they could to get the information via Facebook status updates, text messages, and phone calls, which of course went right to voicemail. We weren’t avoiding them, but simply too busy absorbing all of the great info. This prompted me to ask myself why is it that some people make it a priority to go to seminars and conferences, and some don’t. I realized it doesn’t really matter why they don’t, so here are four reasons.

Company Team Building

Why You Should Attend Company Team Building Events?

  • The first one is quite simple. As leaders, managers and involved team members, we should set an example for your team. If you’re going, there’s a much better chance that they will too. I went to my first event because my sponsor was going, and he reinforced the importance of being there. If you don’t go, then rest assured your team won’t be there either. They will in turn duplicate this model with their teams.
  • Secondly, these events are a great venue to meet and build relationships with business partners. You’ll be spending time in breakout sessions, seminars, and classes with them. You’ll be staying in the same hotels, and eating meals with them too. Use the time to strengthen existing frіendships, and create new ones. These are the folks you are running the path with, and nobody does it alone!
  • OK, next is the obvious one. Sharpen your skills! There will be plenty of lectures, speakers, and business building training specific to your network marketing company. Ultimately, we are all wanting to pick up that one nugget that rockets our own little empire into the stratosphere. Listen to the people teaching, take plenty of notes, and counsel with your upline leaders. To build it big, we need a big business and leadership skill set, so learn all you can!
  • Now for the final one, just think back for a second to your very first big event. You register, excited for what the event may bring. You might be with your group, looking around at all of the new faces. Then… you walk into the main convention hall where there are thousands of other reps when it hits you. You’re not the only one that said yes! There are other building this successfully out there. This will most certainly build a belief for you. Belief in your company, the product or service, and in yourself that you made a good decision. I’m going to add a fourth R to the list here. It will relight your fire, and that’s what’s most important. If your flame goes out, then so does your teams, and ultimately your business. So here’s the call to action. Go, you will be glad that you did!


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