have experience in servicing Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos.

ABOUT TEAMBUILDING.CO.TH have over 30 combined years corporate team building experience, across 3 continents, and 15 different countries.

We have assembled very professional group of western facilitators, who are well supported by our Thai facilitators and event coordinators.

Our strength lies in our ability to call on our experience, and combine it with our dynamic approach to design and deliver awesome team building activities in Thailand , and throughout South East Asia.

We can design team activities, formal team programs, workshops and evening events for any sized group, in any location, and tailored suit meet any objective.

We specialise in team building in Thailand, as well as Vietnam team building activities, team building in Malaysia, and managing Singapore team building activities.

Our approach to team building is to identify personalities, define work preferences, uncover hidden talents and skill sets, and let every team member have the opportunity to contribute to the team success.

We focus on developing a level of trust within the teams, open new styles of communication between individuals, emphasise the benefits of collaboration, and ensure everything we do is based on FUN!

This provides your team with the opportunity to develop new relationships, which when nurtured, have the potential to develop into long term strong professional team relations. train all our team using our systemised approach, ensuring a high standard of facilitation, across all of our programs.

Our team are accredited to deliver MTBi, Disc and a range of TMS profiling tool, are experience public speakers, and enjoy having a great time.

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