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Synergy Sailing

Synergy Sailing Days are the perfect offsite for your group, to both get them motivated and excited and working closely together.

Our sailing days involve groups broken into teams of around 5 to 8 participants per yacht and your very own sailing veteran on board as your coach!

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 8 – 100+
  • Space Required
  • 8-10 pax per vessel
  • Duration
  • Half & Full Day
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • Teamwork, Planning, Leadership, Team Synergy, Maximum FUN on the Water

Your team members nominate a team role on board each yacht prior to leaving the dock, and are introduced to the finer skills of sailing. After a fun practice session on the water, participants race against the other teams across a fast paced (or leisurely depending on your energy levels) course.

Teams tack, jibe and hoist mainsails as they compete in this fun filled afternoon on the water With so many great waterways available in Thailand, Synergy Sailing Days are held in all across the countries beautiful coastline and estuaries, and can be customised to suit the outcomes of your company, be it structured team building or leisure sailing.

Perfect for groups from 8 up to 2000 people

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