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Picasso Factor

A great creative program to promote dynamic interaction and creative expression.Your people arrive to their very own art studio, as we convert a bland conference room into an artist’s sanctuary, with paints, easels, brushes, pencils and all manner of applicators set up around the room. From a quick lesson in painting, shapes and colour, the group is challenged and coached by the house artist to create a true masterpiece.

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 10 – 500
  • Space Required
  • Best Indoors
  • Duration
  • 2 Hrs – Half Day Programs
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • Highlights Personality Style, Open Communication, Teamwork, Creativity, Idea Sharing, Trust, FUN

Identifying personality styles is key to establishing how the team approaches their masterpiece, its design and content. Taking a ‘big picture’ approach, the ‘artists’ need to co-operate rather than compete.

The dynamic Picasso Factor is all about sharing, communicating and discovering the groups’ collective creativity.

We supply everything you need to create your own masterpiece. However, if there is a particular piece of art that you would like to create, something that ties in with the theme of your conference, or a company logo, we can advise you on which paintings will work and the most appropriate style.

The Picasso Factor will highlight the innovative, creative and artistic talents within your team as they create something to be proud of.The end result is a masterpiece of collective teamwork, and an example of how great things can happen when people work together.

A lasting reminder of their success and creativity, which can be proudly displayed in their office as one, or as individual pieces.

Perfect for groups from 10 up to 500 people

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