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The ultimate ‘icebreaker’ to a focused ‘team builder’, drumming provides a very different type of teamwork experience, one which your people can apply to their working environment.Drumming not only provides a high energy and dynamic team experience, it also highlights the importance of teamwork as participants progress from a cacophony of noise to a rhythmic orchestra… without a work being spoken!

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 10 – 2000 +
  • Space Required
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Duration
  • 15min – Half Day Program
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • CSR, Non Verbal Communication, Team Work, Creativity, FUN

Watch in amazement as your team is transformed into a unified, slick and cohesive entity that not only holds a musical beat, but takes that musical beat and delivers the performance of a lifetime, achieving a creative and musical frenzy that will be remembered forever. Participants will be involved in an exciting and engaging activity that gives a clear illustration and experience of successful teamwork.

Our tailored drumming programs are guaranteed to increase team spirit, increase focus & clarity of thought, and emphasize equality & creativity in the team.

Drumming takes communication to new levels, in a non-verbal format, where the beat of the drum does the talking, and your people discover that they all have what it takes to be part of a symphony of percussion.

Drumming suits most groups as it is both non-confrontational and non-competitive
We get the area ready setting the instruments out before everyone arrives.

Participants are encouraged to start playing and explore the instrument as soon as they sit down – even if they’ve never held a musical instrument before. The first piece of music is created from these explorations through the facilitator making eye contact and using body language to encourage the whole room to get into the beat!

Our dynamic facilitators create success within the music by aiding non-verbal communication within the group, by developing listening from one side of the group to the other. This progresses to several sub groups or instrument types. Finally complex relationships are drawn out. By the end the group is working as one and able to achieve remarkable results.

Perfect for groups from 10 up to 2000 people

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