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Comic Strip

Creativity and brainstorming to bring a story to life through a comic strip!Comic Strip has the flexibility to work around any conference agenda or time frame. We split your group into smaller teams who work together to tell a story.The theme of the story can be something topical, like a key message or something tied into your conference.

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 5 – 1000
  • Space Required
  • Indoor
  • Duration
  • 2 – 3 Hrs
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • Fun and Interactive, Creative, Idea Sharing, Planning, Innovation

Our team can advise on a theme to ensure maximum impact! Teams need to brainstorm, discuss and decide on the look, feel and content of their Comic Strip.

Teams are given an array of materials, designed to spark creativity, including digital cameras, iPads and sketch pads to enable them to depict their story through imagery. Using a basic comic strip template, teams are coached to draw and script a funny comic strip, using speech bubbles to tell their story.

Story boards are then used to pull the comic strip together, and using the talents within the team, to bring the story together with amazing diagrams, stories and colour.

Finally, the comic strips are displayed giving the whole group the opportunity to read and appreciate the other team’s creative interpretation of the brief.

The end results are sure to provoke thought, raised eye brows, laughter and discussion amongst your team.

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