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Casino Royale

Give your group the opportunity to dress up like the beautiful people in the famous James Bond movie, and give them the wow factor with this very entertaining event.This unique gaming event is about bringing your team together and creating positive relationships in a safe and enjoyable environment, where we create an experience for you that will leave you and your guests feeling like “high rollers”!

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 15 – 300+
  • Space Required
  • Large Indoor Open Area
  • Duration
  • 2 – 3 Hrs
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • FUN, Interaction, Social Program, A Night to Remember!

With full-sized casino tables, professional croupiers, casino chips and playing cards, this special event provides the glamour of Monte Carlo, and will teach, instruct and exhilarate every one of your guests in the finer skills of gaming.

Choose from our most popular games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Big Wheel and Craps to your venue. Then the ‘funny money’ is distributed to everyone and this is then exchanged for chips.

Each player now becomes a “high-roller” as they play with thousands of (fake) dollars, just like they’ve seen in Hollywood movies, without ever losing a cent. At the conclusion of the tournament, the Casino Royale Champion will be awarded!

We use genuine casino tables and our vast gaming expertise to create a unique and innovative corporate event. Give all your employees’ fake money to exchange at the casino tables and then watch as the competitive juices begin to flow. After a brief orientation about the rules and etiquette (lessons in Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are included in the package) create a tournament with 100% employee participation.

This style of team bonding has many benefits including increased morale and group identity and building awareness and understanding of each other. This style of shared positive experience really pulls your team together and creates positive relationships.

Perfect for groups of 20 to 300+ people

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