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Beach Olympics

  • corporate team building
  • team building providers

Get out of the conference room, forget about work and enjoy some fun in the sun, sand & water and hilarious team-building through healthy competition!

With a balanced mix of very lively to the less energetic activities, your team will learn the importance of their role in the team – and get a real energy boost!

  • Ideal Group Size
  • 20 – 300+
  • Space Required
  • Open Flat Beaches
  • Duration
  • 2 -3 Hrs
  • Benefits & Outcomes
  • CSR, Social Program Promoting Team Fun and Interaction, Healthy Competition

Beach Olympics provide a safe, fun and effective way to get staff interacting in a friendly and competitive environment, with lots of ‘Olympic’ activities to suit everyone.

Your team will arrive to find their favourite beach has been turned into an Olympic setting with volleyball nets to the left, track and field to the right, colourful flags along the foreshore, and an Olympic podium for the winning teams!!

Once in team colours, participants are split into teams to compete against each other over a schedule of fun physical and not so physical beach activities to engage everyone.

Over a 3- 4 hour period, your team will compete in a round robin Olympic program that will not only bring out their competitive streak, but also promote team dynamics and maximum fun!

All events are designed and tailored to suit your groups’ fitness level, and promote teamwork, communication, leadership and maximum participation.

They are coordinated by fully insured and first aid trained facilitators and we organise all permits for eligible beaches all over Thailand.

Perfect for groups of 20 to 300 people

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