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bol5In true Northern Thai tradition, Lampang is very serious about its cuisine, making it a favourite location of

With a small selection of conference venues and a somewhat quiet vibe, Lampang is perfect for small group conferences and executive retreats. We suggest if you are bringing your team to Lampang that you reward them with our popular MasterChef Lampang team building activity. Not only will they have the opportunity to experience amazing Northern Thai cuisine, they will enjoy some friendly competition as they battle it out to prepare and cook their own team dinner!

Outdoor team building activities in Lampang can also be organised, and with the National Parks and ample open space close by, can offer any of our popular activities.

The Amazing Race around Lampang, Corporate Survivor, to our charity team building and Lampang CSR team building activities, can all be tailored to suit your needs.

Our popular Lampang team building programs include: